Photo Wednesday 31


Sunday morning, 7am.  I was openly skeptical of the decision for Whit to play hockey, quite critical of the schedule (6am games on Sundays?) and demands, and basically not into the idea at all.  I never thought I’d say this, then: I am so glad my son plays hockey.  I even like the early morning games.  On the Sundays that I take him, it’s just us, alone in the world, munching a toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich as we drive through the rising dawn.  I love it.

9 thoughts on “Photo Wednesday 31”

  1. I’m with Stacey … we’ll take your word for it. However, I do admire and GET the fierce adoration a mama feels for their offspring doing something meaningful … cool!

  2. When my son played football, I had such a love/hate with it. Won’t go into the hate, but I loved (deeply deeply) watching him work at something he absolutely loves. I loved watching him fight for it. If he could find something else that gives him that, I’d get up at 6:00 AM on Sunday mornings, too.

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