The annual Fourth of July Parade

As ever, I dressed the children in red, white, and blue.  There were lawn chairs on the sidewalk and tears when the veterans passed and children rushing around for the candy that people threw from floats.  There were sirens and marching bands and a lot of flags.  Just like that, another year gone. Everything and nothing changes.  And thank goodness for that.

Grace, 2005
Whit, 2005
Grace, 2006
Whit, 2006
Grace, 2007
Whit, 2007




4 thoughts on “The annual Fourth of July Parade”

  1. Wow, you really see the loss of their “babyness” in these….:(
    I’m becoming, these days, very aware of it myself at home with my own.

  2. Cute! We do the same thing, with red white a blue, though my older ones only partially participate. Thank goodness Red Sox shirts are the right colors 🙂

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