Photo Wednesday 4: One daughter each


Over Memorial Day, with the other two legs of the stool, swinging at dusk.  These are some of the people I love the very most in the whole world.  We have one daughter each, and these are my two beloved goddaughters.  I remember the moment each of these girls was born – all three of them – and their birthdays and christenings and everything in between.  I remember their mothers before any of us were mothers.  Our five sons are just offstage of this picture, but they get along as well.  These women and their families are an immense, undeserved, wildly appreciated blessing whose importance in my life I cannot fully articulate.

1 thought on “Photo Wednesday 4: One daughter each”

  1. Oh, this is just beautiful, and what a gift; it makes me teary to think of, and lucky to know. Bless all of our humanity and our connections. It is what we are meant to do, small and large, accompany one another.

    I came on here today to congratulate you on the Huffington Post article, which a fb friend linked, I clicked on and realized it was you! Big congratulations your way, good woman.

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