Almost all days have rainbows in them

On Saturday morning Grace and I were puttering around the house.  She was in her room and I was folding laundry, and I could hear her humming “Rainbow Connection” to herself.  They are learning it in music to sing at an all-school assembly that is obviously designed to make me break down in hysterics.  After a few minutes she trotted in and offered me this piece of paper.  My first reaction was to correct her spelling but I bit my tongue and let delight at this wonderful sentiment wash over me.

“Oh, Grace, thank you!  It totally brightens my day.”

“I had rainbows on my mind because of the song,” she explained.

“I know.  I could hear you singing.”  She smiled.  “Do most days contain rainbows, Grace, do you think?”

She glanced out the window at the sleety, defiantly gray late-March day.  Of course she knew I was speaking metaphorically.  “Yes.  Almost all days have rainbows in them.”  She looked right at me, her mouth set.  “Don’t you think?”  I nodded.  “You just have to pay attention to notice them.”


4 thoughts on “Almost all days have rainbows in them”

  1. Goodness, THAT one is quotable! May I? Ah, the innate WISDOM of children. I appreciate you for sharing this, beloved. Peace & blessings.

  2. I saw a rainbow this very morning, but I’m nonetheless grateful for the reminder that they’re out there every day if you’re paying attention.

    And that song? Totally designed to jerk tears from even the most callous listener. Those of us prone to emotion? We’re toast.


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