daily miracles

What is the meaning of life? … a simple question; one that seemed to close in on one with the years.  The great revelation had never come.  The great revelation perhaps never did come.  Instead, there were little daily miracles, illuminations, matches struck unexpectedly in the dark.

– Virginia Woolf

(read this the first time on the beautiful blog Good Life Road)

8 thoughts on “daily miracles”

  1. I think this has to be true — I desperately need it to be because I often feel these days as if I am running out of time to figure it out. And if it is indeed true, then I’m off the hook and can just breathe and enjoy. L — Do you think it is true? Or just hope that it is?

  2. I think it is absolutely true. What we have in this moment is all we have but it can be ibcredible, if we can be here and take it in.

    I’ll check out the blog, too! Thanks!


  3. Yes. I really do believe it. I spent so many years looking for that One Thing that would make it all make sense. And I just didn’t ever find it. So I believe this!!

  4. Philosophers have spent centuries searching for the meaning of life. If we have brief moments of illumination, we are lucky, so lucky.

    Great quote.

  5. Mmmm, it’s vital that we own our thought. We can fritter away time if we want, but to respect the time that we have, it’s best to be aware as we do it.

  6. I’ve come to believe that there really is no One Thing, just an accumulation of many little things — the little daily miracles — that bring meaning to life. I also think that it takes practice to notice those miracles and illuminations. I find that the more I notice, the more I find, and life feels richer.

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