Early sunset

It is in the early morning and the evening when I love the sky the best.  In particular I adore skies like this one, where the clouds appear to be illuminated by a light whose source I cannot discern.  I love imagining the light that comes from somewhere beyond the earth, beyond the realm of logical thought.  I believe in that place.

4 thoughts on “Early sunset”

  1. I love that, too. I distinctly remember being a child and knowing, with all the certainty of my innocence, that that was heaven on the other side shining through. My beliefs these days are much mudddier, but something about seeing that kind of light in the clouds touches some deep memory inside of me. Never fails to fill my heart with gladness.

  2. I always love your sky photos — and I feel the same way, almost as if the light in the sky is a conduit of my own emotions. I have a friend who spent a challenging year in Ireland. Each morning, she got up at dawn and painted a small picture of the sky, 365 of them, never missing a day. The practice connected her to something she needed. And now she has them, living documents of that year away from home.

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