6 thoughts on “Despite the precipice”

  1. Oh Yes! I’ve been teaching “writing” to prisoners this month. It’s more like a course in noticing, loving and allowing myself to live with less judgment.

    One of the students wrote a poem juxtaposing bravery and courage. He came to the same conclusion.

    Live inspite of the fear. That’s THE thing.

  2. In his marvelous book, The War of Art, Steven Pressfield says you have to “play hurt.” We all do. We can’t wait until we’re all done and well and pulled together. You must play — in my case, write — even when hurt. Your post reminded me of that.

  3. This knife edge we walk is so distracting from the beauty around me. Thank you for the reminder. This is life, and somehow the edge imbues the beauty with deeper meaning. Deep breath.

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