Keeping my eyes open

This is how life is right now. Gossamer, luminous, delicate.  I am as swollen and as fragile as that bubble.  If you look closely you can see my reflection on its surface, but I feel as though I’m also contained within it: floating above the world, looking down, my perch about to vanish at any moment.

The beauty of any given moment is as evanescent as it is startling.  It’s all so extraordinary, and short-lived, and stunning, that sometimes I feel like just hiding in the house rather than taking it in.  Because this bubble burst moments after I took the picture of it, and what had been there, a floating, hovering embodiment of gorgeousness, was just as quickly, and as completely, gone.

Sometimes the truth of the grandeur of my everyday life flashes in front of me, as beautiful as this bubble or as bright as phosopherescence, and as fleeting. Like the sheer shimmer of a soap bubble, the unexpected, bright swirls of glowing light in a night sea, the knowledge of life’s holiness leaves an imprint on the back of my eyelids, a reminder of something witnessed, something important from a place beyond rational thought.

The bubbles – the moments, with their sudden, shining beauty, and their abrupt, final end – break my heart.  Today I’m walking around with a broken heart.  There is so much beauty and so much sorrow.  So much grandeur and so much terror.  But I’m learning to keep my eyes open for the bubbles, even when what I see makes them sting.  At least there’s that.

12 thoughts on “Keeping my eyes open”

  1. It’s a lovely musing, and beauty can indeed be fleeting. But I believe more of it endures than we realize. It’s lodged in our hearts and minds, ready to be called upon when we need to tap its strength.

  2. So beautiful. I had the same kind of day. Just so luminous after the storm. One of those days that makes me envy my own life – only you captured it far better than I could. Your words opened my heart wide open. Thank you!!!!!

  3. Beautiful. Life is tragically beautiful/beautifully tragic. In the moment we see the whole of the significance of life, recognizing both aspects (beauty/tragedy) to be one fluid dance worthy of awe.
    And, as you said, it is completely beyond rational ‘thought’. One must go beyond the known to find the unknown. Great post!

  4. Curious tangent that can be drawn about living life in a bubble symbolizing presence or lack thereof. Watching but not participating fully.

  5. I love how beautifully written your observations are and your poignant sense of self in the moment. No matter how many images and records
    we create- life is rushing by. Glad you are around to share your voice with all of us.

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