Making me happy right now

Grace and I are off to Kripalu today for Dani Shapiro‘s memoir workshop.  I can’t wait!!  So, instead of a post, a few things that are making me happy right now:

  • Finding flowers on my bedside table from Grace and Whit yesterday (with Whit’s marked with an old toilet paper roll: classic).  They had picked them at the park in between downpours yesterday afternoon.
  • Om Shanti, from Madonna’s Ray of Light CD.  It reminds me of my trip to Feathered Pipe years and years ago.  And it still inspires me.
  • Loose, peasanty silk blouses by Rebecca Taylor (I have one leopard, one floral, and I am wearing them on repeat)
  • Cropped skinny white jeans (with the aforementioned blouses)
  • Peonies, peonies, peonies
  • J Crew boys pajamas (particularly the blue and white striped shorty ones with a long-sleeved top)
  • My new Mala beads from Tiny Devotions.  I swear I can feel their energy when I wear them.
  • Our plans to visit my sister and her family during their sabbatical next year for Christmas.  I can’t wait.  Have to get my children passports (the fact that they do not, I think, horrifies my parents: by the time I was Grace’s age I’d already lived in Europe for four years)
  • My morning green smoothie: pear, cucumber, spinach, ice cubes, coconut water, mint, agave, chia seeds

Please tell me, what is making you smile these days?

9 thoughts on “Making me happy right now”

  1. I love this – it’s been a while since I have seen a dandelion/toilet paper roll vignette on my desk!

    And why am I surprised that you are a green smoothies fan, too? I’ve been into watermelon, spinach and mint lately….

    Have a grand, groovy, great Kripalu trip with Miss Grace. Will send love to you there…

  2. Check out Nye’s essay collection “Never in a Hurry,” too. I have it (somewhere!) if you want to borrow. She’s amazing!

    I’m loving your green juice recipe–thanks for sharing.

    And yoga, every day for the month of May.

    My kids in all their maddening beauty.

    Are we living parallel lives or what?!

  3. The 1,000 tulip bulbs that are exploding in my next door neighbor’s side yard, all Necco wafer pink and yellow and orange.

    The fluffy owlets in the Mt. Auburn Cemetery (though the following they’ve acquired makes me nervous; they should be named Kate and Will for all the paparazzi attending their every move…)

    The smell of lilacs as I walk down my street to the Square.! Best use of smartphones ever! Tells me when I can expect an MBTA bus to roll around the corner and whisk me off to a baseball game!

    Fenway Park on a weekday afternoon–even when the pitching staff gets shelled. There is a wicked delight in playing hooky and being at in that bandbox, enjoying the green grass and blue sky and bright white uniforms on the home town team, and having it not be past my bedtime when it’s over.

    Text messages from out of the blue, from my college-age guy. No reason, just something funny he wanted to share. With me! Whole new world.

    Coming downstairs to an already unloaded dishwasher. Oh, the joy, when someone else notices that something needs doing!

    As you can see, I’m easily delighted.

  4. I am so glad to learn you like those healthy smoothies!
    For every pregnancy since 1968, I’d go down to Helen Nearing’s house
    & make fresh vegie juice on her juicer – every week I’d make a gallon of beet, carrot, apple, celery, parsley, spinach and whatever else was fresh from our organic garden, greenhouse &/or root cellar.
    We always had an abundance !
    Ever since then, I have always made fresh organic juices and smoothies and enjoy them equally as much to this day.
    (BTW~Helen loved these too!)

  5. How was Dani Shapiro’s workshop? I admire her A TON! You’ve had a few good weekends in a row of great classes. 🙂 I feel like The Muse was a hundred years ago already. Anyway, happy mother’s day and I was so happy to have time to click around your blog today. I love the theme of “right here right now” and the side focus on books, writing, etc. It’s really a wonderful, uplifting blog. Great picture of you up there too!

    Nina Badzin

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