Tucking in a 5 year old for the last time

I just tucked this guy in for the last time as a five year old.  I came upstairs for goodnight to see that he’d accessorized his pajamas with this sweatband (which has been a favorite for a long time).  That’s his monkey that he sleeps with every single night, who is (creatively) named Beloved Monkey.  He allowed me to hug him in his bed, because “snuggling is usually better in the bed,” before moving to a sleeping bag on the floor, which is how he prefers to sleep these days.  He also sleeps naked most of the time.  But that headband?  Tonight, he kept it on.

It’s hard to cry, which is my instinct on a night like this, when he makes me laugh so hard.

Goodbye, five year olds.


7 thoughts on “Tucking in a 5 year old for the last time”

  1. Laughing, crying – it’s not so different on nights like these…

    And the sweatband is something… very 80’s. Very retro, for an almost six year old.

    Happy, Happy Birthday to both of you…

  2. It is so hard when our little ones want to grow up!! He sure looks cool though!

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    Art by Karena

  3. Maybe not so much goodbye, but a farewell for now? At different times I can still see all the ages my son has ever been (he’s 5 1/2 now). Yes, it’s bittersweet, but like you said, the laughter keeps the tears at bay.

    Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!! And to you!! (I always think the mamas should be acknowledged just a little bit more on birth-days. 🙂

  4. He is adorable, and I love that he prefers his sleeping bag to his bed. I’ve just said goodbye to my two year old and to my 11 month old, as well. These transitions are so bittersweet, but things like headbands help–reminds me of Jimmy Connors back in the day.

  5. No one can say you fail to be present to your kids, or that you block your feelings. While the good-byes are hard, at least you know you savored five as deeply as you could. Here’s to a great six all around. Namaste

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