Believing is the act of love

“My dear it was a moment
to clutch at for a moment
so that you may believe in it
and believing is the act of love, I think,
even in the telling wherever it went.”

– Anne Sexton

Believing is the act of love, I think.

What do I believe in tonight?  I believe in certain people.  I believe that the light will come back.  I believe there will always be fantastic words to read.  I believe my children are good souls.  I believe that life is made up of those moments to clutch at, that most often take me by breathless surprise.  I believe that most people are doing their best.  I am trying to believe that there will be hands to catch me if I release my white-knuckle grip and fall as a result.

What do you believe in?

12 thoughts on “Believing is the act of love”

  1. I believe you’re just great. Also, I’m sort of learning that releasing my own white-knuckle grip might be more about giving myself some freedom to fly rather than fall.

  2. Lindsey, I believe that you are a beautiful soul. I’ve been reading your words, I’ve been feeling the sensitive feelings that you own, you are special.

  3. I love this.

    I’m with Christine – I believe in you.

    I believe when we walk in the world with our hearts open, no real harm can come to us.

    I believe there is good in every one of us.

    I believe I might cry.


  4. Amy,
    I believe your post sums up my own. I believe we deserve a break today…and I believe I’m going to take it. I believe that happiness is a state of mind. I also believe that this blog posting reinforces what I’ve been telling myself all along. 😉

  5. This was absolutely beautiful. Its brevity was as impressive as its importance. You took this message to the raw bones of its meaning. Thanks.

  6. that the light will come back. yes – it always does. I look back to where I was a year ago, asking for that very thing, and here I am today, this year, full on napping in a sunbeam.

    I miss having the time to come by more often. I love reading what you write.

  7. “I am trying to believe that there will be hands to catch me if I release my white-knuckle grip and fall as a result.”

    I believe that if you fall, you will be okay. In some instances, you might even be better than you were before.

    For me, I believe that I am a good person, even when I’m feeling dark.

  8. Lovely post!
    I believe that the energy we send out into the universe is what comes back to us.

    I believe in the power of forgiveness, redemption and above all, hope.

  9. How lovely! These words will marinate in my brain for a while…believing is the act of love. I believe that our mistakes make us better, that there is meaning to be made in the world if we pay attention to it and I believe deep down that we’re meant to soar and connect and move away and come back again.

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