If I Needed You

Thanks to Amy I’ve got Townes Van Zandt in my head tonight … this song, If I Needed You, has been one of my very favorites for a long time.  It’s a quiet, dark evening, and I’m wistful, thinking of those who are always there for me.

If I Needed You

If I needed you would you come to me,
Would you come to me, and ease my pain?
If you needed me
I would come to you
I’d swim the seas for to ease your pain

In the night forlorn the morning’s born
And the morning shines with the lights of love
You will miss sunrise if you close your eyes
That would break my heart in two

The lady’s with me now since I showed her how
To lay her lily hand in mine
Loop and Lil agree she’s a sight to see
And a treasure for the poor to find

1 thought on “If I Needed You”

  1. 🙂

    My favorite bit from Townes van Zandt is from “Highway Kind”:

    Pour the sun upon the ground,
    Stand to throw a shadow,
    Watch it grow into a night,
    And fill the spinning sky.

    It’s just one bit of an overall brilliant song, but something about the way the movement of that image and the movement of the words themselves (and the melody) fit so perfectly together always really gets me. Such simplicity and such genius.

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