I am the one whose love overcomes you

I am the heart contracted by joy ..

I am the one whose love
overcomes you, already with you,
when you think to call my name …
(Jane Kenyon)

Grace, Whit,

I hope you will always remember this trip …

The rides, the winning of Lego the enormous green bear, the fact that your first words every morning, Whit, were “I love you, Grace,” the late-afternoon cheese & crackers and running on the grass, the holding hands, the morning Cocoa Pebbles, the races between the stairs and the elevator, the laughter, the swimming in the pool (even me!), and the kisses on the tops of your heads. The tears in my eyes at random moments, which took you (and me) by surprise. The waking and sleeping and breathing and eating all together; the way our very pulses synched.

I hope you will always remember how very, very much I love you.

3 thoughts on “I am the one whose love overcomes you”

  1. Lindsey, You’re the one making me cry today. Of course they will remember! Not what you remember, but their own precious memories of love in all its forms and flavors. How blessed your children are by your mothering — and how lucky you are to know how lucky you are.

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