5 thoughts on “The annual Marion Fourth of July parade”

  1. I was just thinking about the quaint parade years that have ebbed into memory yesterday as my teens are more than over it at the moment (could hardly get them to even glance at the fireworks we could see from our own yard).

    Thanks for the window into some Americana — it brought smiles and memories and anticipation of someday grandkids who might like to watch a parade (be it the winter holidays or the summer ones).

    Still, I was thrilled to have both my boys for hot dogs and corn and potato salad… painfully aware that this too may be numbered.

    Here’s to enjoying what is today to the maximum.

  2. You know, the thing that strikes me most is how much more THEMSELVES they look with each passing year. Babies are adorable, but so protean. It’s incredible seeing them become actual people, their characters written all over their faces.

    (Oh, and very cute clothes, as well.) I missed the family 4th of July for the first time in 20 years, and I’m really hoping somebody remembered to take the obligatory photo of all 15+kids lined up in age order on the porch.

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