Saying yes

Grace, Whit and I went to Story Land for two days. We explored the park, leaving no ride, show, or exhibit untested. We stayed in a hotel. We swam. We went out for dinner. We had whipped cream on our waffles this morning. More about this magical visit another day. But I learned one simple thing:

For two days I said yes instead of no. And it was delightful.

8 thoughts on “Saying yes”

  1. Oh that last picture is just precious.
    Saying yes really can be the most wonderful thing. I do find it comes easier to say yes when I deliberately step outside my normal routine/surroundings in search of fun or adventure. It’s much harder to drop everything and for instance, play soccer in the sprinklers, when you’re at home and having so much packing to do. I mean, just for example. 🙂

  2. Yay you!

    Hard to do – that saying yes thing – but so worth it…

    And you made a couple people very, very happy!

  3. Oh my goodness! We’re going there TOMORROW. What better way to celebrate our 15th anniversary!

    I think I’ll try a few yesses myself. Perhaps in reaction to the weirdness I felt about my OWN Present Tense reply about meditation, I’ve actually been doing that lately, and suddenly the yesses seem to come more swiftly.

    Thanks for that. And for your photos of the kids, who are suddenly so enormously grownup.

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