A weekend of friends and bugs

This weekend in New Hampshire:

Number of my godchildren I got to hang out with: 2

Number of children with an eye almost swollen shut bc of bug bites on Sunday am: 2

Number of children sleeping past 6:30am: 1

(total number of children): 8

Number of mothers drenched to the skin in the water bumper boats: 3 (of 3)

Number of rides Grace went on at Santa’s Village: approximately 20

Number of rides Whit went on at Santa’s Village: 2

Days of the year that it’s Christmas at Santa’s Village: 365

Number of fleeces purchased at Santa’s Village because it was cold: 2

Cups of coffee drunk each morning: 3, and nowhere near enough

Number of members of my family who found a tick on his or her body: 3 (of 4)

Number of times per day I doused my whole body in DEET: approximately 6

Hours that I slept in a twin bed with Whit Saturday afternoon: 1.5

Pages read this weekend: 0

Pages written this weekend: 0

Minutes of silence (other than aforementioned nap) all weekend: 0

Joy of children on scale of 1-10: 11

Odds that this weekend becomes an annual tradition: close to 100%

14 thoughts on “A weekend of friends and bugs”

  1. Aw, sounds similar to our annual gathering with cousins and siblings. 9 Kids, 6 parents. Lots and lots of bliss!

    For some reason, in that setting, the noise doesn’t matter as much. It takes on something sweeter than the annoyance it brings when back home. Love the pic of the kids together up top!

  2. sounds divine. we too were with family and friends this past weekend. nature adventures, little sleep, lots of laughter, and blissful exhaustion today. your stories swim in my soul…thank you.

  3. Look how happy those little faces are! And you gotta love a getaway that involves bumper boats.

    And AAIIEEEE!! about the ticks! Those things freak me out! Every summer, I’m convinced I have Lyme disease. I’d be joining you in the DEET consumption.

  4. Actually Grace was one of the swollen eyes! These pictures were the day before. She can finally open the eye today. She’s been a good sport, though, and her favorite joke when people ask what happened is to say, “you should see the other guy!”

  5. I feel like I should go grab my suit so I can swim in Whit’s eyes. Seriously. And Grace’s strong embrace of baby brother in the first photo…wonderful.

  6. You know, I stare at Whit’s blue eyes ALL THE TIME and marvel at genetics. He has two brown-eyed parents and four brown-eyed grandparents and his eyes are crazy, crazy blue. I love it!

  7. Lovely and magical times—thanks for sharing them so that I can arm-chair travel back to those days (and still have gotten to read, write and avoid bug-bites… but not have the magic of Santa’s Village on the cusp of June).

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