Saturday August 15

Trip to the annual Marion Library used book sale was successful. Grace had a huge tantrum over only being able to pick out two books (last night I bought about 40 for them at the night before event, which Dad and I went to early and waited outside of for pole position). She overcame that tantrum and they were briefly angelic while waiting for Mum to emerge from the sale.
Grace, perhaps inspired by the sale, did the thing I’ve been waiting for forever: took to the couch with a book and read to herself. Oh, I have arrived at the promised land: I walked in to see what she was doing and she looked up only long enough to shoo me away with “I am reading, Mummy.”
Birthday champs from Bouff, complete with orange ribbon. Thank you!!!
The unmitigated delight of a boy given sudden and unfettered access to a huge crate of various water guns (contraband at home).
Grace and Eloise skipping home wearing our hats.

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  1. Happy Birthday! I'll toast you on Tuesday. I was expecting you to comment on the NYT Sunday Styles article today– another thing to look forward to about this week. xo-J

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