Princeton songs and memories

I must have been channeling Princeton when I made my most recent running playlist. I was subsumed with memories this morning. Another beautiful day.
The Tide is High – watching Bouff at arch sings, a group of us giggly and drunken en route to the Street, and then performances of the same song at weddings in the past years
I Would Do Anything For Love – Approaching Lacy’s sophomore year dorm in Butler on a hazy spring day, hearing this song belting out of the open windows
How Bizarre – Dancing wildly with Charlotte late at night at Benito’s house in July 1997 … not sure why she was here or how we wound up there, but the memories are vivid: heels clacking on polished hard wood floors, Benito’s friend with the medallion necklace (immediately, and forevermore, known as Medallion Man).
Escape (Pina Colada Song), River of Dreams – Any number of nights drinking and dancing in Feinberg or the Kitchen Suite with these songs as part of a familiar sound track.
Sister Golden Hair – A tall senior approaching me in the blazing sunshine at lawn parties, freshman year, asking if I needed a band aid after I stubbed my toe dancing to Dean Dollar. Later, at sunset on the roof of Holder Hall, he told me that this song reminded him of me. I’ll also never forget his voicemail the next day: “Hi, Lindsey. Guess who? Wrong.” (This song, and that day, began the first – of a very short list – of true love affairs of my life)
Round of Blues – Kendall, Courtney, Charlotte and I singing and dancing around in our teeny rooms on the fourth floor of the furthest dorm from campus. I remember braids and baseball caps and a whole lot of plaid flannel.