We live near the gas station

Grace and I drove out to American Girl Place in Natick. This is about half an hour from our house. On our way out, Grace said, “I wonder if we will see G (friend from school). She lives right near the American Girl doll store.” I answered, “Yes, she does.” Grace sighed, heavily, “She is so lucky.”

Then Grace backtracked, saying “But, Mummy, we live close to so much cool stuff. Way more cool stuff!” And I asked, curious, “Like what, Grace?”

“Well, Mummy, lots of things. Like CVS. And Shaws. And Starbucks!”

“Wow, Grace, okay.”

“And Gerald!” Gerald is the black lab who lives next door, the children see him about once a month (ie he is not a huge part of her life). She’s really grasping now.

“You are right, Gracie, we live near Gerald.”

“And, mummy, a gas station!”

Ummmm, yeah. We live in a great place.