Women At Risk

Minimalist-Parenting-BookIt’s been a pleasure to meet many online friends in real life.  One of my favorites is Christine Koh, whose site Boston Mamas I am happy to contribute to.  Christine and I are the same age, we live in the same city, we have daughters who are contemporaries, and she is just all-around fantastic.  She just ran a half-marathon and she also gave me a container of “magic salt” with which my children are obsessed.  Need that recipe!

It’s my pleasure to share that Christine and Asha Dornfest are donating 100% of royalties from their book, Minimalist Parenting: Enjoy Modern Family Life by Doing Less, purchased via http://bit.ly/helpwomenatrisk to WOMEN AT RISK, an Ethiopian organization that helps women lift themselves out of prostitution.

I hope you will consider buying Minimalist Parenting through this special Amazon link: http://bit.ly/helpwomenatrisk.  I personally can’t wait to read Christine’s book, and this sounds like an extraordinarily deserving and important cause.

Find out more at http://minimalistparenting.com/helpwomenatrisk.

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